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18 TV Roles The Cast Of "Friends" Had Before They Were Friends

Could you imagine Jennifer Aniston as frumpy waitress on a CBS sitcom, or Matt LeBlanc on a Married With Children spin-off?

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1. Aniston's first most notable TV role was Jeannie Bueller, on the sitcom Ferris Bueller (a TV adaptation of the 1986 John Hughes film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off).


2. Her next major role came in 1992, when she was cast as a regular cast member on Fox's sketch comedy show The Edge.

Fox Television

The series, which was a blend of SNL and In Living Color, ran for 18 episodes before it was cancelled in 1992.

3. Aniston's final major role pre-Friends was on the CBS sitcom Muddling Through.

Sony Television

The show, which ran from July 9, 1994 to Sept. 7, 1994, was cancelled two weeks before the premiere of Friends.

4. Perry's earliest high profile role came in 1987, when he was cast as Chazz on the Fox sitcom Second Chance.

Fox Television

The ridiculous and far-fetched sitcom -- which revolved around a man from the future, who is killed in a hovercraft accident, being sent back in time by Saint Peter to help his younger self (Perry's character) find spiritual fulfillment -- was cancelled after 21 episodes.


5. In 1989, Perry had a three episode arc on the popular sitcom,Growing Pains, where he played Sandy, the boyfriend of one the series' main characters, Carol (played by Tracey Gold), who dies after drinking and driving.

6. One of Perry's most memorable (at least for '90s kids) guest starring roles was on a 1991 episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, where he played Roger Azarian, a popular high school senior, who Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley) talks out of committing suicide.

7. In 1988, LeBlanc was cast as a popular high school jock on the CBS teen drama series TV 101.

CBS Television

The series ran for one season.

Also please note: Stacey Dash (best known as Dionne in Clueless) was also in the cast, playing a high school student -- in the '80s!!!


8. In 1991, he played Kelly's dumb boyfriend, Vinnie Verducci, on three episodes of Married... with Children.

Sony Pictures Television

The producers of Married... with Children tried to spin-off his character into his own show, Top of the Heap. It lasted seven episodes.


13. In 1991, Schwimmer had a small recurring role as Michael, Karen Arnold's (played by Olivia d'Abo) loser hippie boyfriend.

20th Television/Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Schwimmer stayed on the show until the series finale in 1992.


15. In 1993, Schwimmer guest starred on the first four episodes of ABC's runway hit cop drama, NYPD Blue.

20th Television

He played Josh '4B' Goldstein, a man who seeks revenge on the man who mugged him.

16. In 1989, a brunette Kudrow guest starred on Cheers.

CBS Television Distribution

In the episode her character, Emily, tries to seduce Woody (played by Woody Harrelson) in order to convincingly play a couple in a theater production.


18. In 1992, Kudrow was cast in a small recurring role on Mad About You as Ursula Buffay, a waitress at Riff's (the restaurant frequented on the series) who always forgets everyones order.

Sony Pictures Television

Of course, Kudrow would go on to play Ursula's twin sister, Phoebe. And while starring on Friends, she continued to guest star on Mad About You until the series finale in 1999.