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18 Times Paris Hilton Committed Gloriously Bad Crimes Against Fashion

That's not hot.

1. The time Paris somehow convinced Nicole that they would look good in matching Canadian tuxedos.

Getty Images/ David Klein

2. The time she let us know that she owned the ugliest '90s chunky shoes ever made.

Getty Images

3. The time she tried to pull off a bucket hat.


Let's be honest, only Gilligan from Gilligan's Island can truly pull it off.

4. The time she looked like she skinned a Wookiee.

Getty Images

5. The time looked like she was auditioning for a cameo on Toddlers & Tiaras.

Getty Images/ David Friedman

6. The time she tried to make leopard-print jumpsuits a thing.

Getty Images/ Chris Weeks

7. The time she took the rhinestone trend way too far.

Getty Images/ David Klein

8. The time she went for an artsy cavewoman look...

Getty Images/ Jon Kopaloff

9. ... and then taking it up a notch by wearing an actual cave painting image.

Getty Images/ Jon Kopaloff

10. The time she wore this on her face:

Getty Images/ Keith Bedford

11. The time she tried to make her sleeveless shirt look classier.

Getty Images/ David Klein

12. The time she threw a bunch of scarves on and called it a day.

Getty Images/ Frazer Harrison

13. The time she tried to channel Sandy from Grease.

Getty Images/ Spencer Platt

That's not the look that you want.

14. The time she wore this net.

Getty Images/ Frederick M. Brown

15. The time she looked like a background dancer at the Folies Bergère.

Getty Images/ Peter Kramer

16. The time she clearly wore the losing dress from a Project Runway challenge.

Getty Images/ Adam Rountree

17. The time she looked like a hostess at a The Fifth Element-themed restaurant.

Getty Images/ Vince Bucci

18. And finally, the time she wore whatever the hell this is:

Getty Images/ Frank Micelotta