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    18 Magical "Harry Potter" Themed Christmas Decorations

    An enchanting way to add an extra touch of magic to the holidays.

    1. "All I Want for Christmas is my Hogwarts Letter!" Pillow Cover

    2. A Quidditch Christmas Stocking

    3. Dumbledore Christmas Tree Ornament

    4. Gryffindor House Tree Ornament

    5. "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle" Sweatshirt

    6. "Weasley Sweater" Christmas Ornament

    7. Hufflepuff Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holder

    8. Winged Key Tree Ornaments

    9. Snape, Dumbledore, and Harry Christmas Cards

    10. Harry Potter Book Ornament

    11. Christmas at Hogwarts Cards

    12. Golden Snitch Tree Ornament

    13. Harry's Stag Patronus Christmas Stocking

    14. Letters Christmas Ornaments

    15. Harry Potter Book Pages Wooden Gift Tags

    16. Harry Potter Book Wreath

    17. Slytherin Christmas Stocking

    18. Dobby the House Elf Christmas Tree Topper