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    18 LOL-Worthy Types Of Boy Band Photo Shoots

    Reminder: If you grew up in the late '90s and early '00s you probably found these photos pretty sexy.

    1. The "coordinated outfits" photo:

    A classic stand-by photo, which subliminally told fans everywhere, "Hey, we're not individuals, we're just a product of a giant marketing machine."

    2. The "coordinating beige outfits" photo:

    A step above the "coordinated outfits” photo, not only did it give the same subliminal message, but it also said, "Hey girl, we're soft and non-threatening."

    3. The "posing with adorable puppies" photo:

    Not only does this photo say "we're non-threatening," but it also says, "That's right, you can't even handle this level of cuteness."

    4. The "chunky sweater" photo:

    So cozy, you just want to snuggle up with them. Of course, because it was the late '90s, there needed to be a least one ribbed turtleneck in the photo.

    5. The "aww... posing with Disney characters" photo:

    It makes sense, a lot of these boy banders started with Disney; they have to pay respect and kiss the ring of the Mouse.

    6. The "idyllic beachside" photo:

    Of course, this photo can only be truly achieved with everyone wearing neutrals.

    7. The "bad boys" photo:

    Yeah, that's right, they're tough, they don't smile, and they give the finger to authority (not really). They didn't care about anything other then stealing your heart (or so you thought in your head).

    8. The "bad boys with a car" photo:

    They're tough and can drive, and here to take you away from it all (or so you thought in your head).

    9. The "everybody in 50 shades of khaki" photo:

    Like the "neutrals" photo, but with a kind of badass, stylish edge.

    10. The "clad in leather" photo:

    A big FAIL at being badasses, but a WIN if they were going for a mall trendy late '90s leather daddy look.

    11. The "we're all kooky BFFs" photo:

    Of course, they have to have lots of bro hugs and hands up in the air going on. Also, apparently, ski goggles were necessary too.

    12. The "coordinating sports jerseys" photo:

    Were these the sports teams they actually supported? Does it really matter? As long as they look good in them. Or at least look well coordinated.

    13. The "shiny, futuristic wardrobe" photo:

    I think we can directly blame these photos on our late '90s obsession with the Millennium, and what the future would be like.

    14. The "crouch and lean in" photo:

    So. Much. Crouching. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys suffered from permeant back damage from these photo shoots.

    15. The "weird hand gestures" pose:

    Never forget though, Backstreet Boys were the masters of this.

    16. The "more than slightly homoerotic" photo:

    Sure, innocent at the time, but, in retrospect, they look like something out of Abercrombie & Fitch campaign shot by Bruce Weber.

    17. The "Santa fun" photo:

    'Cause they had to sell all those Christmas albums somehow, duh.

    18. The "WTF is going on?" photo:

    Seriously, what the hell is going on in these photos? Is LFO stuck in a carwash? And what happened to NSYNC, they look like something out of Goldfinger. Actually, scratch that. This photo shoot is probably themed to what the band members look like as seen through the eyes of their record label, Jive, and their ex-manager, Lou Pearlman.

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