18 Creepy And Awful Vintage Halloween Sewing Patterns

If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, there’s a good chance you wore one of these masterpieces.

1. This E.T. costume that looks more like an unhappy orangutan.

2. Keep in mind, the Wilma Flintstone costume could also double for Lady Gaga.

3. Mama and Papa Berenstain in a plushies fantasy recreation of American Gothic.

4. Meanwhile, Brother and Sister Berenstain are preparing to eat you while you sleep…

5. …and these horrifying Ewoks, look like they will join them.

6. These kids look like they are ready to get their ass kicked at school.

7. This Morticia and Gomez Addams costume is perfect for that couple that like to get frisky in front of their kids.

8. Speaking of getting frisky…

9. When your parents are just too lazy to sew you a costume.

10. A Tweety costume that will terrorize your dreams.

11. Apparently, this photo was taken in the sketchy part of Sesame Street.

12. Really this is just a white sheet with a face drawn on it.

13. Father and son Batman or shark costumes?

14. Kinda creepy; sexy mother and daughter Catwoman costumes.

15. The Halloween costume of 1999!

16. This little girl is ready for both Halloween and a rave.

17. Nothing says fun like a depressed looking Gizmo costume. Also is the giant box included?

18. Finally, if you are that creepy family that likes to terroize the neighborhood.

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