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17 Valentine's Day Cake Fails That Will Make Your Heart Burst

'Cause even if you're single you can still enjoy V.D.

1. Um. I guess we can all see what he ~rocks~ your world with.

2. Did they silently act this out too?

3. I guess for anyone with a deep love for R. L. Stine?

4. You know this cake decorator was thinking to themselves, Fuck it, they get the point of it.

5. Well, at least the roses decorating the cake look pretty.

6. Before we criticize the misspelling, this Valentine's Day cake could've been made for a big fan of the '90s alt-rock band.

7. I hope he has the receipts to back up this claim!

8. What?!

9. Maybe they just failed at being punny.

10. Sometimes you have to take a moment to question whether you're really happy or not.

11. "Kiss me! Love, the shithead in your life!"

12. "Hugges" — is that French?

13. Well, I guess I'm happy for whoever found love with a giant sea-green penis.

14. Shits flying everywhere.

15. I'm pretty sure this ~lips~ cake is just Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

16. Slow clap for this cake decorator for being sly and thinking no one would notice that there is an important word missing.

17. Um, I guess no one explained this acronym to the cake decorator.