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17 Times The Internet Got Too Real About Instagram

Nothing is more stressful than waiting to see how many "likes" you'll get on a pic.

1. When you've uploaded an epic great pic, but it's getting no love:

2. When you're trying to quench your thirst by looking at every available photo of your crush:

3. Or when the stalking of your crush goes terribly, terribly wrong:

4. When the amount of uploaded photos gets out of control and you have to make this difficult decision:

5. When you know that you have to get into the most uncomfortable position imaginable to ensure you get a quality shot:

6. When you wake up on a Sunday or holiday and find out your friends went out without you:

7. When that ONE friend tags their photo #NoFilter AND it takes every ounce in your being not to call them out:

8. When that one friend thinks his comments are funny and original AND it takes every ounce in your being not to call them out:

9. When you don't let a private account be a deterrent from stalking your crush:

10. When you're feeling good and everyone on your feed gets the love:

11. When you're scrolling through your friend's Insta and notice they've unfollowed you:

12. When you're unsure whether to like a photo because the quality is questionable:

13. When your BFF is M.I.A., but you see they're liking your pics:

14. When you're hanging with your crush and they start scrolling through their direct messages:

15. When you have a highly curated Instagram presence, but your friend fucks it up by tagging you in a photo where you're not feeling your look:

16. When you drunkenly upload what you think is hottest pic ever of you and your crew:

17. And finally, when you get the most perfect selfie that you can't even hold back how excited you are to upload it: