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    17 Life Moments That'll Have You Nodding Along, "Yup, Thats Happened To Me"

    That horrible moment when someone tries to open the restroom stall while you're using it.

    1. Having a cringe-inducing moment when you realize someone you waved back at wasn't waving at you:


    2. Being frustrated at having your evening held captive by a flaky friend who won't confirm plans:


    3. Trying to low-key check out a hottie that's standing next to you at the club:

    4. Having a waiter circle back to you and realizing you still haven't decided what you want to eat:

    5. Going to a party and not knowing a single person there other than the person whose party it is:


    6. Having to decide whether to stop your shower to read a text or finishing your shower quickly and then looking at it:


    7. Forgetting someones' name and then trying to figure how you're going to get through the rest of the conversation without knowing it:


    8. Procrastinating until the last possible moment to get ready:


    9. Having that moment of terrifying panic that maybe the bathroom stall lock won't hold:

    10. Blinding yourself after deciding to check your phone in the middle of the night:


    11. Feeling more than a little rejected when you don't get an immediate text back from your BFF or, worse yet, your crush:


    12. Realizing what you texted your BFF wasn't as compelling as you thought:


    13. Pondering where you went wrong in life when you have "one of those weeks" at work:

    14. Laughing over and over at a joke that you can't stop thinking about:

    15. Feeling like spreading the love when you're drunk and feeling good:


    16. Getting frustrated when none of the user names or passwords you normally use allow you to login into a website:


    17. Waking up from a nap and not knowing what day, time, or century you're even in:


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