17 Starter Packs That Every Single Millennial Will Immediately Recognize

    Your childhood summed up.

    1. Basically what every kid did after school from 1996-1999:

    2. The line-up you'd watch whenever you hung out with your friend whose family didn't have cable:

    3. The one older kid you thought was the coolest, until you got older and he still dressed and acted like it was 1996:

    4. Too much Surge + competitive rounds of GoldenEye = the cause of lots of fights between you and your friends:

    5. The most important accessories an 8-year-old could have:

    6. Every class had a kid or two who would come back from summer vacation looking like this:

    7. And every class had that ONE kid who seriously did this like clockwork:

    8. The only fun thing you could do on the computer 'cause your parents wouldn't let you get online without their supervision:

    9. The first stores you'd run to anytime your parents would drop you off at the mall:

    10. The one friend you had that you were low-key jealous of:

    11. When your parents finally caved and got you a cell phone, but it was waaay after all your friends got one:

    12. That one kid in middle school that your parents said you couldn't be friends with:

    13. When you'd get home from school and immediately log onto AIM to talk to your friends from school:

    14. When you'd oversleep and your first period teacher would act like you basically threw off her entire day:

    15. The one girl in high school who had it all, always smelled like Victoria Secret's Love Spell, and just seemed so glamorous:

    16. That one kid in high school whose parents were NEVER home and had house parties every weekend (like where the fuck were they?):

    17. And finally, that ONE mom who was up in the entire school's business more than the principal: