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17 Perfectly Passive-Aggressive Cakes

Can these cakes GET any better?

1. It's still an accomplishment!

2. But really, who needs brains when you've got looks?

3. On the plus side, she now qualifies for a reality show on MTV:

4. 'Cause if you liked it three years ago, then you should have put a ring on it (BY NOW):

5. Something tells me that Jason will be reminded of this for a long, long time:

6. I wonder if this cookie cake is from Jason?

7. I hope they served this cake with a Metamucil-based cocktail:

8. It's good to feel loved:

9. By the looks of the cake, Brian is enjoying it:

10. It's the "thought" that counts:

11. I take it this is a shotgun wedding:


Also, congrats on expecting a baby boy — I assume.

12. Don't we all?

13. I don't know, this sounds like a pretty healthy relationship to me:


It's all about honesty.

14. Nothing like calling someone out on being "sucky" than with a sucky cake:

15. Some parents just have really HIGH exceptions...

16. ... and some parents don't:

17. All that sweet frosting will make this bitter pill easier to swallow: