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18 Little Things You'll Have To Explain To Your Kids One Day

"Hey, can you call me back after 9 p.m.? I'm almost out of minutes for the month." —You in 2003

1. How you could go more than eight hours without having to charge your cell phone battery -- in fact, losing very little battery life. / Via Twitter: @SarraAlMutairan

Hell, you could even go more than 24 hours without recharging.

2. How there was no worse moment than when you got all settled in to watch your favorite VHS tape only to realize that it needed to be rewound to the beginning.

Via Twitter: @MissPortamentXO

The wait seemed like an eternity.

3. How carefully you had to handle one of these whenever you wanted to listen to music.

Via Twitter: @ChekherevL

Anti-skip technology was a LIE. A HUGE LIE.

4. Also when it came to music, how difficult it was to pick which CDs were essential for you to want to carry around.

Via Twitter: @marya_vaynonen

And putting in two CDs in each pouch in order to double the number you could have.

5. How staying home from school was exciting ’cause it meant you got to watch these two gems.

Via Twitter: @prestigiouspg

Along with The Price Is Right.

6. How looking up information for a report or homework actually meant physically looking it up in an encyclopedia.

Via Twitter: @Ric_Hardwood

And then correctly sourcing it.

7. How you would have to use a pay phone in order to call your parents to come pick you up from the mall or movies.


Which also meant you had to carry around change with you!

8. How, even though you were a kid, you weren't sheltered from painful moments in TV shows and movies meant for children.

9. How Snake was the most entertaining game ever created for a cell phone.

Via Twitter: @NashDallas18

Sorry, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but it's true.

10. How inspired you felt each time you played with Kid Pix.

Via Twitter: @CoachReyesIV

Brought out your inner artist.

11. How there was no worse thing to happen while doing a search online than having Internet Explorer crash.

Via Twitter: @search

** moves around "error report" message to create swishes **

12. How there was no better feeling than logging into your Myspace and seeing a New Friend request.

Via Twitter: @infvmousz

Then having to decide whether this meant you needed to rearrange your Top 8.

13. How instant message was the only way you communicated with your friends after school and on weekends.

Via Twitter: @ray367

It was also the ~secret~ way to stalk that one crush who was your AIM/MSN buddy.

14. How you more than periodically had to clean the lint and dust buildup in your mouse in order to get it to work again.

Via Twitter: @hau399

But admit it: You had fun with playing with the ball a bit before putting it back together.

15. How this was the only way you could get the latest songs — and they were usually crappy radio rips.

Via Twitter: @A9Smosalov

Also the No. 1 cause of PC fatalities in the early 2000s. RIP to all those computers that never recovered from the virus they got.

16. How there used to be not only texting limits, but also talk minute limits.

Via Twitter: @DEZMIIN

Unlimited minutes and text plans were only a pipe dream in the 2000s.

17. How this was your default game to play every time you couldn't get online ’cause someone had to use the phone or was expecting a call.

Via Twitter: @kojo_erik

Or worse yet, when the internet was busy and you couldn't even log on.

18. And finally, how Friday nights were basically the Hunger Games at Blockbuster as you tried to get the latest release.

#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the thrill of snatching the last copy on a Friday night.

And going home defeated -- and with that SAME fallback rental -- if they ran out of copies of the new movie you wanted to rent.

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