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    Updated on Jul 12, 2018. Posted on Jul 11, 2018

    17 Little Things That Brought You So Much Damn Joy In 2009

    There was no better feeling then seeing that red Netflix envelope in the mail.

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    1. When you'd shut your flip phone hard and get that satisfying noise and the "BITCH BYE" feeling inside:

    XL Records

    2. Whenever you managed to print out a MapQuest map and only use one page:

    3. When you'd come up with a clever and racy email address:

    4. When you'd write the perfect text — that included everything you wanted to say — in 160 characters or less:

    5. When you managed to perfectly record the ringtone you wanted on your first attempt:

    6. When you'd get a Starbucks Song of the Day card and it was for an artist you actually liked:

    7. Whenever you'd successfully enter your iTunes gift card code in just one try:

    8. Whenever you'd perfectly organize your illegally downloaded MP3s in iTunes and made them look legit:

    9. Whenever you'd make a playlist on iTunes, put it on your iPod, and then listen to it for the first time in the wild:

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    10. When you'd destroy someone in a poking war:

    11. When you'd find the perfect Facebook bumper sticker (that hadn't been overused):

    12. Whenever you'd fill out an Honesty Box to tell someone (anonymously) that you had a crush on them:

    13. Whenever you'd get a perfect selfie with a front-facing camera:

    Andrew Burton / Getty Images

    14. When you'd get a perfect Photo Booth photo using the Warhol-esque filter:

    15. Whenever you'd email your friends a video you found funny (like Shoes):

    16. Whenever you'd get a physical Netflix DVD in the mail:

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    17. And finally, when you'd hear the squeaky door opening noise and see that your friend was logging onto AIM:


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