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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Sep 12, 2014

16 Times Target Failed So Hard It Won

You had one job, Target. One job.

1. The time it might have caused a sexual awakening in a lot of teenage readers:

2. The time it didn't understand what "emerging authors" meant:

3. The time it put this unfortunate image in people's heads:

4. The time it failed to grasp what healthy food is:

5. The time it made this amazing price discount:

6. The time it didn't understand what "clearance" meant:

7. The time it trapped people in the store:

8. The time it pushed the limit on how much people will pay for a banana:

9. The time it found a new way to market tampons:

10. The time it put together this endcap full of "study aides":

11. The time it put together this hilarious book collection:

12. The time it got presumptuous about what was going to happen on your date night:

13. The time it photoshopped three arms onto one of its models in the weekly circular:

14. The time it thought of a new creative way to solve antacid:

15. Everything about this picture frame:

16. The time it sold this unfortunately labeled Hello Kitty DVD:

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