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    Posted on Jan 13, 2016

    16 Tweets That Sum Up The Lengths You Would Go To Avoid Other People

    The perfect hashtag for those of us who would rather turn into breakfast cereal than have a conversation with someone.

    1. Probably the best way to end a really bad date quickly:

    2. Do it while wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt just to be extra sure you'll scare people away:

    3. You do run the risk of making physical contact with someone if they sit on you:

    4. If you're feeling like trying some serious Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-level shit:

    5. I mean, unless they're into this type of stuff:

    6. And on the plus side, you save money on tissue:

    7. Nothing will get you kicked out of a boring work function quicker:

    #ExtremeWaysToAvoidPeople become a inappropriate mime

    8. Crazy cat person sweater optional:

    9. Note: This won't work as a way to avoid middle schoolers:

    10. Open an Etsy store for an EXTRA dash of authenticity:

    11. Great for winter time since it'll keep your face warm as well:

    12. It'll keep you busy while you're not talking to people:

    13. LBH, the giant monkey sock penis will probably be the bigger deterrent for people:

    14. Really any cereal will do:

    15. Plus it'll keep you company if you DO feel the need to talk to somebody:

    16. And finally, this tried–and–true method:

    Become invisible during breakfast time. #ExtremeWaysToAvoidPeople

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