15 Awesome "Back To The Future" Inspired Items You Can Buy On Etsy

    Great Scott! I will be maxing out my credit cards.

    1. Trilogy Movie Posters, $37

    From: SPACEBARdesigns

    These prints actually look more like artwork due to the slight tweaking and over-saturation of the original posters' colors.

    2. Hill Valley Telegraph, $35

    From: ArcaneStore

    The designer of this print didn't just copy the original flyer from the film, he also added a few hidden jokes -- based things that happened in the film -- as news articles.

    3. VHS Tape Matchbox, $6

    4. Marty McFly Acrylic Painting, $250

    5. Hover Board iPhone Cover, $15

    6. A Match Made In Space: A Journal, Blank Notebook, $9

    7. Doc Brown T-Shirt, $15

    From: Bang You're Dead T-shirts

    A shirt that commemorates the awesome face Doc makes after he burns the scale model car in the first film.

    8. "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" Poster, $23

    9. Baby Onesie, $12

    10. George McFly "I'm Your Density," Note Cards, $5

    11. Minimalist Movie Posters, $63 (for all three)

    From: Christopher Conner

    These minimalist prints nicely capture the essence of each film.

    12. Party Favor Bags, $10

    13. Lenticular Prop Replicas, $60 (set of three)

    14. Grays Sports Almanac with a "Blast from the Past Bag" and Transparent Receipt, $135

    15. Hover Board, $150