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15 Awesome "Back To The Future" Inspired Items You Can Buy On Etsy

Great Scott! I will be maxing out my credit cards.

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13. Lenticular Prop Replicas, $60 (set of three)


From: Nicks Flick Pics

These lenticular prop replicas (Marty's disappearing family photo, Biff's casino/auto detailing matchbox, and Doc's disappearing tombstone) are probably the geekiest thing you could get that Back to the Future fan in your life.

14. Grays Sports Almanac with a "Blast from the Past Bag" and Transparent Receipt, $135


From: A to Zoom

This is one serious reproduction of Back to the Future Part II's infamous Grays Sports Almanac, down to the bag and the receipt of the store Marty bought the book from.

15. Hover Board, $150


From: deloreanDFW

Aside from the DeLorean, there is nothing more iconic than Marty's pink hover board, and while it can't fly, it will look badass just hanging out on the passenger seat of your DeLorean or Honda Civic.