15 Vintage Board Games That Will Make ’90s Kids Nostalgic

Because you still have the Perfection jingle stuck in your head.

1. Don’t Wake Daddy

In retrospect this game was terrifying. Players must sneak into the kitchen to get food and not wake up “daddy” — who must be an angry, abusive person that starved people.

Don’t Wake Daddy commercial:

2. Loopin’ Louie

Loopin’ Louie, the only board game where half the fun was getting hit in the face by an out of control “flying” game piece.

Loopin’ Louie commercial:

3. Gooey Louie

Sorry, but this was just a gross game. :(

Gooey Louie commercial:

4. Shark Attack!

The game where you had to move fast and hope that your competitors are eaten. Sadly this was, really, just a metaphor for life.

Shark Attack! commercial:

5. Splat!

The game where the funnest part was making the Play-Doh bugs.

Splat! commercial:

6. Pretty Pretty Princess

The game that taught little girls throughout the ’90s that life was about all about acquiring jewelry — not the most positive message.

Pretty Pretty Princess commercial:

7. Tornado Rex

Not only could you play it as a game, but it also doubled as play set for your X-Men (or really any toy line) action figures.

Tornado Rex commercial:

8. Perfection

Originally released in the mid-’70s, this game made a huge comeback in large part due to its annoying, nasally sung commercial — that was played NON-STOP.

Perfection commercial:

9. Looney Tunes Smush ‘Em

Like Splat!, this game was all about building your Play-Doh character.

Looney Tunes Smush ‘Em commercial:

10. Forbidden Bridge

Sadly, Legends of the Hidden Temple never released a home edition, this game was the next best thing.

Forbidden Bridge commercial:

11. Eat at Ralph’s

The weird game where a player had to force feed Ralph as much food as possible before, he well, ralphed.

Eat at Ralph’s commercial:

12. Fraidy Cats

This game capitalized on two big ’90s board game trends: It had a motorized game piece and an annoying commercial.

Fraidy Cats commercial:

13. Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur

This game was an essential to any dinosaur loving ’90s kid.

Also, whether you had this game or not, you can probably can sing the jingle by heart.

Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur commercial:

14. 13 Dead End Drive

The game that taught you that the best way to get ahead is to murder your enemies.

13 Dead End Drive commercial:

15. Crossfire

I have no idea what this game was about or how to play it, but I do know, based on the commercial, that this had to be one EPIC battle royale.

Crossfire commercial:

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