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    15 Types Of Stock Photo Clowns That Will Haunt Your Dreams

    These photos will remind you why your fear of clowns is totally rational. Warning: Scary images.

    1. The trick-or-treater clown. Is it really an innocent kid underneath that mask?

    2. The Juggalo clown. “Whoop-whoop!"

    3. DJ Killer Clown spinning on the ones and twos.

    4. The clown that is clearly inspired by the movie Splice.

    5. The beautiful clown who just wants to be naked and also kill you with a rusty cleaver.

    6. The clown that is straight out of Dr. Who. "Moisturize me, moisturize me with your blood."

    7. The clown who lived in your closet and watched you sleep.

    8. The John Wayne Gacey aka the serial killer clown.

    9. The clown who ruined every kid's birthday party.

    10. The deranged circus clown.

    11. The Muppet hybrid clown.

    12. The retro clown that a thousand urban legends are made of.

    13. The frighting clown that isn't afraid to accessorize his face.

    14. They scary Santa Clown -- so you better watch out cause he is coming to town. FOR YOU!

    15. The clown from your nightmares.