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15 Times Target Totally Missed The Mark

Who wouldn't want to put their drinks in a Cum Blue cooler?

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1. When they found a new way to fight heartburn:

2. When they gave a really great discount on this very confusing product:

3. When they got saucy with the cooler names:

4. When they rolled out these summer movie favorites:

5. When they sold this terrifying product:

6. When they did the math on this 50% discount:

7. Or when they put this product on ~clearance~:

8. When they suggested you read this to become a better parent:

In all fairness, I am sure every parent has that frustrating moment when they wish they could send their kids to a some sort of fight-to-the-death gladiator match.

9. When they trolled us to see just HOW much we'd pay for potato chips:

10. When they thought this would be an appealing name for something you lay your face on:

11. When they somehow thought this was a logical kitchen appliance substitution:

"No, I don't have a mixer you can borrow, but I have a quesadilla maker. It works just as WELL!"

12. When they REALLY overestimated consumer demand for cow-print footed pajamas.

13. When they sent this very mixed message:

Are you trying to get me not to buy the chips?!

14. When they literally shattered your confidence:

15. And finally, when they really tried to get your kids to grow up fast by recommending these:

Just because Fifty Shades is written at a second-grade reading comprehension level does not make it appropriate for kids!

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