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    Mar 5, 2013

    15 Things You Didn't Know R.L. Stine Wrote

    Goosebumps might be his best-known work, but his writing talents go beyond the horror genre.

    1. In 1975, Stine created "Bananas", a humor magazine for teenagers published by Scholastic Press.

    2. From 1984 to 1986, he wrote four books for the Find Your Fate: “Indiana Jones” series.

    3. He also wrote four books for the Find Your Fate: "G.I. Joe" series.

    4. And in 1985 he wrote one Find Your Fate for the "James Bond" series, "Win, Place, or Die".

    5. In 1986, he wrote a children’s book called “Miami Mice”



    6. Let's not forget that he contributed 19 books to the "Point Horror" series.

    7. And he also contributed three books to the “Horror High” series.

    8. Stine did the novelization of "Ghostbusters II"....

    9. And "Spaceballs".

    10. He also did the novelization of the television show “My Secret Identity.”

    11. Under the name Jovial Bob (his first name is Robert) Stine, he wrote several joke books. He wrote three “101 Jokes” books….

    12. And a guidebook to being funny.

    13. There was also his trilogy "Space Cadets".

    14. And of course he created the "Fear Street" series.

    15. Lastly, did you know he co-created and was head writer for "Eureeka's Castle"?

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