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    15 Christmas Costumes That Didn't Need To Be Sexy

    Because why should Halloween have all the fun?

    1. Sexy Reindeer


    By the looks of the placement of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's head, he is guiding more than just sleighs.

    2. Grinch Costume


    No judgement, but is there a big audience for a "sexy" Grinch?

    3. Sexy Christmas Angel


    For anyone whose ever looked at an angel Christmas tree topper and thought "Wow, that's hot!"

    4. Santa's Pet


    'Cause I guess sexy cat costumes aren't just for Halloween.

    5. Toy Soldier


    The good news is that this can also double as Gwen Stefani in the "Hollaback Girl" music video costume.

    6. Candy Cane


    If you're into taking your Christmas photo up a notch.

    7. Sexy Polar Bear


    This really doesn't look like a polar bear, it looks more like a sexy Wampa, from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. So if you're into sexy Star Wars cosplay, this might be for you.

    8. Ginger Bread Girl


    This costume probably should come with a warning: Beware, you'll get a lot of uncalled for "can I take a bite out you?" questions.

    9. Holly Berry Elf


    Is that real elf-sized clothing? Because that looks uncomfortably small!

    10. Sexy Christmas Gift


    This should really be called: We just added a Christmas ribbon to a gold tube top.

    11. Christmas Santa Suspender


    I don't think Santa is too excited to be down in that area.

    12. Jingle Bell Bikini and Legwarmer Set


    This doesn't look sexy so much as it just looks annoying to wear. Who would really want to hear all those bells jingling every time you move?!

    13. Sexy Snowman


    Well, at least it's better than the sexy Olaf from Frozen costume.

    14. Sexy Christmas Pudding


    WTF? There is nothing remotely sexy about Christmas pudding!

    15. Santa Second Skin


    OMG, this costume is what nightmares are made of. It looks like that Santa is trying to rob me!

    You've gone too far, TOO FAR.

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