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15 Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Tobacco Ads

'Cause I guess advertisers thought women liked having smoke blown in their face?

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1. I feel like there might be a double entendre here?

2. Remember guys, a bookstackers' most important role is to be eye candy and not to, you know, do her actual job.

3. Apparently female marine biologists had very relaxed dress codes in the 1960s.

4. Wait, so one of these girls will sleep with me if I vote for them?

5. Women, aren't you tired of lifting those heavy cigarettes made only for men?

6. Subliminal lesson here: A couple a packs a day, keeps the pounds away.

7. But who cares if they're a good person?

8. So I guess if you want the right kind of male attention try to achieve measurements like Pamela.

9. And while you're at it, go make him a drink too!

10. Guys, don't you hate when this happens every time you light up a Winchester?

11. Nothing like the scent of burning tobacco to make a woman swoon. Right, ladies?

12. I'm sure she'll follow you straight to the bedroom with that type of misogyny!

13. Sheer indeed!


14. I don't even know what this means?

15. Yeah right, like women care about size. Right, guys? RIGHT?!

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