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    15 Restaurant Signs That Will Make You Look Twice

    Try our new jalapenis chicken poopers!

    1. This gentle reminder from Wendy's about what the holidays are really about:

    2. This McDonald's, which is really going for something different with its "I'm loving it" campaign:

    3. This Popeyes, which is offering a rather unappetizing special:

    4. This restaurant that seems to have found a dangerous new way to fry chicken:

    5. This Burger King, which doesn't understand the meaning of "value menu":

    6. This Outback Steakhouse, which decided to redefine what qualifies as fish:


    In its defense, they clearly state that it is a steakhouse in the name.

    7. This restaurant that has one particular specialty down:

    8. This titillating restaurant's name:

    9. This restaurant, which might be selling more than just candy and coffee:


    10. This restaurant's name, which has a lot to live up to:

    11. This restaurant’s name, which sounds like something you might have typed into WebMD:

    12. This Friendly's, which is going that extra-mile to make sure you're satisfied:

    13. This Wendy's, which might have divulged the secret ingredient in its chili:

    14. This BJ's, which is delivering more than just pizza:

    15. And finally, EVERYTHING about this restaurant:

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