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15 Questions "Jurassic Park" Left Unanswered

It's been 20 years since the movie came out and I need some closure.

1. How did they clone extinct plants?

2. How would they know what species' DNA they had?

3. How much is it really going to cost to visit this park? Remember they "spared no expense."

4. Does the sick triceratops get well again?

5. With all the months Nedry spent working on the island, wouldn't he know what kind of species of dinosaur he was dealing with?

6. How did Dr. Grant come up with his theory for a T. rex’s vision?

7. So famous plot hole: Why is the T. rex on flat terrain when it breaks through the fence, but when it pushes the car over the edge, there’s a huge hundred-foot crevasse?

8. Couldn't the jeep easily have outrun the T. rex? Earlier in the film Hammond mentions the fastest the T. rex could run was 32 miles per hour.

9. Was this shot really necessary?

10. With all the fences down, why would Ray Arnold head to the maintenance shed alone?

11. Why did Tim climb the fence? He clearly could have fit between the wires.

12. Who made all this food?

13. Why didn’t Tim hand Ellie the shotgun?

14. How did the T. rex sneak into the visitors center?

15. Why did they drive all the way back to the helicopter pad? Couldn't they have been rescued inside the park?