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15 Duets From The Early 2000s You've Forgotten Existed

You probably used more than of few of these lyrics on your AIM away message.

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2. Limp Bizkit & Method Man, "N 2 Gether Now"

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Most confusing Fred Durst lyric:

"Where we gonna run?

Maybe we can meet up on the sun

Discretion is advised

For the blood of virgin eyes"

Best part to sing in a baby voice: "Shut the fuck up."


6. Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman, "Something Stupid"

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Your probable reaction to this song:

"I mean, she did a good job singing in Moulin Rogue. But I don't know if I would go on LimeWire and download an entire album of her singing."


9. Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias, "Could I Have This Kiss Forever"

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Part that was in your annoying friend's AIM profile who had a boyfriend:

"Could I hold you for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share this night together

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time

Could I could I have this kiss forever

Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever"

11. Brandy & Kanye West, "Talk About Our Love"

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The most classic Kayne non-rhyme rhymes:

"How you listen to a girl who still wanna man

Tell me the truth is that a man or Juwanna Man

I'm wonderin why she "Ret' ta go", like Wanda Van

When we met you was a V like Madonna man

Now you went field runnin plays like Donovan."


14. Thalía & Fat Joe, "I Want You"

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Part that was most similar to a Ja Rule and Ashanti duet:

"Thalia: Tell me what you feel

‘Cause I’m feeling something real

Fat Joe: I feel the same way, you make the Don say

Girl, I want you, girl, I need you"

15. Shania Twain & Billy Currington, "Party For Two"

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Best use of "come on:

Come on, Come on

(Come on, Come on)

Come on, Come on, Come on

(Come on, Come on, yeah)

Come on, Come on

(Come on, Come on)

Come on, Come on, Come on

(Come on, Come on, yeah)