15 Cakes That Are Definitely Not Safe For Life

These really don’t take the cake.

1. This Buzz Lightyear cake, which really looks more like a demented Mr. Potato Head.

2. This Disney Princess cake that is ribbed for your pleasure.

3. This Hannah Montana cake — wait, was there an episode where she turned into a vampire?!

4. This cake, which gave Tinkerbell a rather interesting makeover.

Also, those eyes! THOSE EYES!

5. Or this Tinkerbell cake, which decided to go for more of a surly look.

6. This bee-themed Father’s Day cake, that went to shit.

7. This beat-down Hello Kitty cake, which has a look of sadness and despair in its eyes.

More like, “hello kill me!”

8. This cake, which looks like a zombie baby digging itself out of the ground.

9. This sinister Mickey Mouse cake, that looks like he is ready to eat you.

10. This disturbing cake, which looks like a pregnant Dora the Explorer.

11. This I Love Lucy meets The Exorcist creation:

12. This rabbit cake, which by the looks of its eyes and how it’s holding the ball gag in its mouth, isn’t really into sadomasochism.

13. This cake, which appears to be the decomposing corpse of SpongeBob SquarePants.

14. This cake Pinterest fail, which answered the question: What would happen if you microwaved a minion?

15. And finally, this sheep cake, which is creepily staring straight into your SOUL!

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