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    15 Awesome Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

    A look back at Episode I – The Phantom Menace kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!


    1. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Natalie Portman posted the poster for it and a couple of photos of her character, the badass Padmé Amidala:

    2. John Legend shared this photo from when he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999:

    3. Kirsten Dunst shared some pics (including this one with co-star Brad Pitt) from her 1994 film, Interview with the Vampire:

    4. Rosario Dawson shared this video of her screen test for 2005's film adaption of Rent:

    5. Dolly Parton posted this photo of herself writing a song in the '60s:

    6. In honor of their 22nd wedding anniversary, Sarah Jessica Parker shared this photo of herself and hubby Matthew Broderick in the '90s:

    7. Chris Pratt (left) posted this photo himself and his friends after a fishing trip in 1989:

    8. In honor of Cher's 73rd birthday, Michelle Pfeiffer posted this photo of the two of them hanging out together in the late '80s:

    9. Sam Claflin posted this behind-the-scenes photo taken on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

    10. Miss Piggy shared this photo of herself from the '80s and reminded everyone that she was EARLY to the Yee Haw trend:

    11. In honor of Naomi Campbell's 49th birthday, her BFF and fellow iconic supermodel, Linda Evangelista, posted this photo of the two of them hanging out with Marc Jacobs in the early '90s:

    12. Chrissy Teigen shared this modeling photo of herself from the early '00s:

    13. In honor of Ryan Coogler's 33rd birthday, Michael B. Jordan posted this photo of the two of them on the set of their 2013 film, Fruitvale Station:

    14. Kacey Musgraves shared this photo of herself from the early '90s — when she was already a little rebel:

    15. And finally, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary by posting these behind-the-scenes from the big day:

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