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    14 Mixed Messages All '80s Kids Got From Cartoons

    And they wonder why we're so screwed up.

    1. It's alright that your boyfriend cheats on you.

    Strangely, Jerrica never seemed to have much of an issue that her boyfriend, Rio, was having an affair with her alter-ego Jem.

    2. It's totally cool to take a controlled substance that gives you crazy energy and causes you to, literally, bounce off the walls.

    3. It's perfectly OK to terrorize senior citizens.

    Poor retired Mr. Wilson, he just wanted to live a peaceful quite life, but Dennis and his gang felt the need to torment him. And even worse, Dennis' parents seemed perfectly cool with that.

    4. No one ever gets hurt in gun battles.

    5. You might have a long lost sibling out there that you might want to hook up with.

    6. It's OK to harm someone as long as you're doing it because of love.

    7. If a crime happens, you should help solve it.

    8. It's perfectly safe to leave toddlers unsupervised for several hours.

    9. You should love money more than anything else.

    10. If you're the only female in a situation, expect to get harassed, constantly.

    11. It's normal for a creepy adult to hang out with a teenage girl.

    12. Being a super-rich teenager gives you permission to be ruthless and mistreat those who are not as well off as you.

    13. It's fine to keep secrets from adults.

    14. You should strive to be irresponsible and constantly stoned.