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13 Seriously Underrated ‘90s TV Crushes

Kelly Kapowski, Winnie Cooper, and Topanga weren't the only TV characters we fell hard for in the '90s.

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2. Myra Monkhouse, Family Matters


Played by: Michelle Thomas

Why we love her: Why was Steve Urkel so busy chasing after Laura when he could have had Myra, who was not only hot, but completely crazy in love with her "Stevie-kins"?

3. Rayanne Graff, My So-Called Life


Played by: A.J. Langer

Why we love her: Rayanne is the type of girl who burns hot, bright, and fast. Sure, she had a drinking problem — but overall she was a lovable mess.

Of course, Jordan Catalano learned firsthand why she earned a place on the sophomore list as “Most Slut Potential."