13 Seriously Underrated ‘90s TV Crushes

Kelly Kapowski, Winnie Cooper, and Topanga weren’t the only TV characters we fell hard for in the ’90s.

1. Karen Arnold, The Wonder Years

Played by: Olivia d’Abo
Why we love her: Sure, we all lusted after Winnie Cooper, but Kevin’s free-spirited sister, Karen, was the real stunner on the show.

2. Myra Monkhouse, Family Matters

Played by: Michelle Thomas
Why we love her: Why was Steve Urkel so busy chasing after Laura when he could have had Myra, who was not only hot, but completely crazy in love with her “Stevie-kins”?

3. Rayanne Graff, My So-Called Life

Played by: A.J. Langer
Why we love her: Rayanne is the type of girl who burns hot, bright, and fast. Sure, she had a drinking problem — but overall she was a lovable mess.

Of course, Jordan Catalano learned firsthand why she earned a place on the sophomore list as “Most Slut Potential.”

4. Darlene Conner, Roseanne

Played by: Sara Gilbert
Why we love her: Darlene was the totally cool chick you would get high with while listening to Pearl Jam albums.

5. Aunt Becky, Full House

Played by: Lori Loughlin
Why we love her: “Have mercy!” Aunt Becky brought some much needed sex appeal to this show.

6. Fran Fine, The Nanny

Played by: Fran Drescher
Why we love her: Sure, her voice was a big turnoff, but other than that, she was smoking hot.

7. Angela Moore, Boy Meets World

Played by: Trina McGee
Why we love her: Let’s be honest, Boy Meets World was a sausage fest. Angela was just what the show needed.

8. Officer Maxine Stewart, Picket Fences

Played by: Lauren Holly
Why we love her: She was the hottest cop since Stacy Sheridan on T. J. Hooker.

9. Hilary Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Played by: Karyn Parsons
Why we love her: She somehow managed to make shallowness and ditziness attractive qualities.

10. Clare Arnold, Beverly Hills, 90210

Played by: Kathleen Robertson
Why we love her: Clare was perfect: not too crazy and not too wholesome (remember when she handcuffed herself to Brandon’s bed?).

11. Tiffani Smith, California Dreams

Played by: Kelly Packard
Why we love her: She was the cute bass-playing surfer chick we all wished lived next door to us.

12. Whitley Gilbert, A Different World

Played by: Jasmine Guy
Why we love her: Whitley was the Southern snow queen that melted our hearts.

13. Lindsay Weir, Freaks & Geeks

Played by: Linda Cardellini
Why we love her: She was the perfect combination of smart and sexy.

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