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13 Odd And Disturbing Vintage Halloween Postcards

Apparently people had fetishes for pumpkin people.

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1. Apparently demons like to torture pumpkin people on their spare time:

2. Wait, what exactly is going on here?

Strange sights indeed!

Strange sights indeed!

3. A dozen goblins looking to devour this little girl:

4. That cat is tripping at the sight he is seeing:

5. The vision you'll see from drinking too much absinthe on Halloween:

6. A pumpkin man leading kids to their death...

7. ...while another leads them by water:

8. A witch creepily looks in the window at the delicious children she is about to eat:

9. Woman reunited with her man, right before being killed by the smoke-witch-monster:

10. Wait is that a sad Klansman in the middle?

11. This pumpkin (yam?) man knows and likes where this is headed:

12. Hold on, is this pumpkin man about to eat a pumpkin pie?

13. Look this two freaky pumpkin headed sickos, making out inside the decapitated head of another one of their kind:

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