13 Bizarre Vintage Thanksgiving Pinups

    Because we all need a reminder that Thanksgiving is a really sexy holiday.

    1. Keeping it ladylike while riding sidesaddle -- on a MONSTER.

    2. This sexy pinup looks like she is ready for Coachella.

    3. This looks like a dangerous way to hold a rifle.

    4. A more conservative pilgrim, hence the stockings.

    5. Turkey dressing... get it?

    6. Are they serving the turkey Wild Turkey? That's cannibalism!

    7. He really didn't see it coming!

    8. OK, this lil' guy saw it coming.

    9. Isn't this how everyone poses in a cornucopia?

    10. Most important step to a successful Thanksgiving: kill the turkey, while wearing nothing but an apron and a chef's hat.

    11. Life hack: multitask, if you're going to walk your turkey, why not practice your ballet moves at the same time.

    12. Apparently this is some sorta sexy Christmas and Thanksgiving mash-up?

    13. The lovely Barbara Eden proves that a Halloween and Thanksgiving mash-up would be AWESOME.