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13 Awesome Childhood Toys That Made Bath Time Great

Nothing made you want to get an bathtub quicker than having one of these bad boys to play with.

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1. Muppet Treasure Island Happy Meal toys


What could make a bathtub toy even better? Getting it as a Happy Meal toy, thats what.

These toys are perfectly themed for bath time. The worse part though, being stuck with like five Fozzies when all you wanted was a Kermit.


10. Fountain Mermaid Barbie


Barbie took the mermaid-theme to the extreme in the early '90s when she got not only a total pink make-over, but also a jeweled crown that squirted water.

Typical Barbie, just had to one-up the competition.

11. Fisher-Price's Little People

Outside of their rich cousins the Playmobils, nobody lived better in the '80s than Fisher-Price's Little People. Not only were these toys already water friendly, but they came with a whole world built to be played with in water.

I mean, look at the yacht!