13 Awesome Childhood Toys That Made Bath Time Great

Nothing made you want to get an bathtub quicker than having one of these bad boys to play with.

1. Muppet Treasure Island Happy Meal toys

What could make a bathtub toy even better? Getting it as a Happy Meal toy, thats what.

These toys are perfectly themed for bath time. The worse part though, being stuck with like five Fozzies when all you wanted was a Kermit.

2. Li’l Miss Mermaid

Released at the height of mermaid-mania, this doll not only sang, but also changed colors underwater! I’d like to see Ariel do that.

3. Wind-Up Scuba Diver

Not the most complex bath toy ever made, but he swam in water! You really couldn’t ask for more.

4. Hello Kitty: Hello Color

Part stuffed animal, part sponge, and to top it all off it changed color in water. This Hello Kitty toy had the whole package in the early ’80s.

5. The Little Mermaid

Could there be a better themed toy for bath time? NOPE.

Also, it was the only true place in which you could recreate Ariel’s adventures.

6. Shimmers

The all plastic design made these candy colored mythological creatures a perfect bathtub toy in the ’80s.

7. Sea Wees

The original mermaid bath toy, not only were they perfectly sized, but they also came with a range of accessories made specifically for the bathtub.

8. My Little Pony: Sea Ponies


Honestly, My Little Ponies made perfect bathtub toys — they were all plastic and already had vague dirty water smell. But Sea Ponies came with boat clamshells. PRETTY BOAT CLAMSHELLS!

9. Street Sharks

Not technically made for the bathtub, but come on, these anthropomorphic sea creatures were badass and totally worked for bath time.

10. Fountain Mermaid Barbie

Barbie took the mermaid-theme to the extreme in the early ’90s when she got not only a total pink make-over, but also a jeweled crown that squirted water.

Typical Barbie, just had to one-up the competition.

11. Fisher-Price’s Little People

Fisher-Price Little People


Outside of their rich cousins the Playmobils, nobody lived better in the ’80s than Fisher-Price’s Little People. Not only were these toys already water friendly, but they came with a whole world built to be played with in water.

I mean, look at the yacht!

12. Rub-A-Dub Dog

The quintessential bathtub toy of the ’80s and ’90s, not only was this a toy, but it also doubled as a sponge.

13. TubTown Harbor Village

The greatest toy ever built for the tub. Not only did it come with boat and figures, but it also included an entire seaside village play set. PERFECTION.

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