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    13 Adorable Vintage Cats Celebrating Halloween

    These postcards prove that black cats need not be the black sheep of Halloween.

    1. This cat looks happy to be heading out to for a fun night of trick-or-treating.

    2. This cat is showing off his impressive orchestral conducting skills.

    3. I think this little girl is squeezing this poor cat just a little too tight.

    4. Even the mice gotta recognize.

    5. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

    6. OK, the cats are kinda creepy in this picture -- but really that witch owl is frightening.

    7. Look this sly kitty spying on some Dutch children -- that are acting slightly inappropriate.

    8. That creepy child is terrorizing that poor kitten.


    9. Cat keep good secrets. I guess?


    10. Those eyes...

    11. This kitty is the best co-pilot a witch can have.

    12. This cat is having a WTF moment.

    13. How can anyone be scared of that cute face?