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    12 Unsettling Retro Ads Featuring Kids

    Apparently psychologically scarred children was a thing in vintage ads.

    1. Clearly the effects of smoking Duke of Durham while pregnant.

    2. And the mother was horrified to find out that wasn't dye.

    3. Careless mothers all agree, Pears' Soap is number one for handling sensitive bruised skin.

    4. "That's right little girl, a pack a day increases your life expectancy. So start smoking today!"

    5. So confused, what is going on in this ad? Is this baby hallucinating in a sweat lodge?!

    6. Little Billy knew where the bodies were buried. He knew.

    7. "Also, when you're done, please light one up for me. I want to live to be a 100!"

    8. Little did they know that her hunger and thirst were for human blood.


    9. Little Timmy later found out that his mom laced the V-8 with Adderall.

    10. I guess he really, really likes his Florida Natural Orange Juice.

    11. She couldn't escape what she saw in Nam.

    12. OK, WTF is going on here?

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