13 Times We Knew Bennifer Couldn't Last

    The signs were always there!

    In the early 2000s the world was treated to the most epic love story since Caesar and Cleopatra, it was the union of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck -- lovingly known as Bennifer.

    It was a brief, but perfect time, because they were both young...


    ...and adorably in love!

    They even gave cute, but awkward, PDAs.

    But, most importantly, they gave us the "Jenny from the Block" video.

    But, like all couples, there were some dark times.

    1. Like the time Jennifer made it clear that she DOES NOT like to walk on the sidewalk like a commoner.

    2. And when it happened a second time, she was forced to give Ben the silent treatment.

    3. When they hit up Sundance and she was clearly not happy to be there...

    4. ...And he literally couldn't wait to get away from her.

    5. When they took this car ride in NYC and Ben looked like he wanted to jump out.

    6. The time she took interest in what was important to him.

    7. When they had this argument outside of a Blockbuster. (Stars, they really are just like us!)

    8. The time they got asked whether they were happy and proud to have worked together on Gigli.

    9. When he really couldn't even fake interest in their upcoming wedding...

    10. ...and he left, clearly, having second thoughts about the whole Bennifer thing.

    11. When Jennifer Garner threw a giant side-eye on their relationship.

    "Stay away from my man, Jennifer!"

    12. The time they went to the Red Sox's game and she clearly wasn't having it.

    13. And she gave this death stare.

    Lesson for everyone: DON'T MAKE J.LO MAD.