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12 Times Anna Wintour Perfected The Art Of Looking Like She Couldn't Care Less In 2014

We can all take lessons from Vogue's iconic editor-in-chief!

1. The time she attended New York Fashion Week and gave a glaring, "When is this show going to start?" side-eye:

Getty Images/ Ben Gabbe


2. The time she looked like she wanted to strangle herself with her fur scarf:

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

3. The time she gave a "Ugh, how many more pictures do we need to take?" scowl:

Getty Images/ Mike Coppola

4. The time she gave a "I'm pretending to listen, but really I'm paying attention to my texts" stare:

Getty Images Ben Gabbe

Anyone with tweens or teens will probably recognize that face.

5. The time she gave a "Oh, it just got really crowded. Maybe you should scoot to the other side of the room, Olivia Munn," slouch and head tilt:

Getty Images/ Dimitrios Kambouris

6. The time she attended the Girls premiere and made the "Yeah, I only wore this coat to look like I'm Brooklyn-artsy, now get me out of it" stare:

Getty Images/ Andrew H. Walker

We all know Anna's tastes are way more refined than this!

7. The time she gave the, "I really don't want to be here!" arm-cross and side-eye:

Getty Images/ Neilson Barnard

8. The time she gave the, "I don't know who this is" stare:

Getty Images Ben Gabbe

Poor Dakota Fanning, she looks scared for her life.

9. The time she gave, "Oh my, look at the time! Sorry, but it's time to go" eyes:

Getty Images/ Mireya Acierto

10. The time she gave a, "What time is this event over? 'Cause I got a DVR full of Scandal episodes I need to catch up on" smirk:


11. The time she tried to smile when taking a picture with a fan:

Getty Images/ Mike Coppola

12. And finally, the time she gave this "I'm not impressed" look:

Getty Images/ Andrew H. Walker

Well actually, this is her trademark look and she rocks it 90% of the time.

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