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    12 Soundtracks To '90s Kids TV Shows You Might Not Know Exist

    BRB, uploading the Saved By The Bell album to my iTunes.

    1. Batman: The Animated Series – Original Soundtrack From The Warner Bros. Television Series

    Year released: 2008

    Choice track: "Batman: The Animated Series - Main Title"

    Strangely -- despite the it’s popularity with both kids and adults -- the show never released a soundtrack while it was on the air. In 2008 a two-disc album limited edition album was released and was limited to a pressing of 3,000 copies -- which sold out quickly.

    2. Tiny Toon Adventures: Tiny Toons Sing!

    Year released: 1992

    Choice track: “Tiny Toons Rap” – it’s as awful as the title sounds.

    The album features the cast of Tiny Toon Adventures singing both original and cover songs. So if you’re in the mood to listen to Babs Bunny perform Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” than this is the album for you.

    3. Ren & Stimpy: You Eediot!

    Year released: 1993

    Choice track: "Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence" – because it’s sound advice.

    The album is the first of three Ren & Stimpy albums released during the show's run. The album peaked at #156 on the Billboard 200.

    4. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Album: A Rock Adventure

    Year released: 1994

    Choice track: The cheesy “We Need A Hero”

    Fun fact: The UK version of the album featured a dance remix of "Go Go Power Rangers", produced by Simon Cowell.

    5. The Disney Afternoon

    Year released: 1990

    Choice track: The theme song to DuckTales, obviously.

    The album not only feature's the theme songs to classic Disney Afternoon show’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin. But also brand new original songs, that ensured parents would be driven crazy in the car on both short and long drives,

    6. Animaniacs

    Year released: 1993

    Choice track: Hard to choose, but I’m going with the classic “Yakko's World.”

    Unlike most of the other shows on the list, Animaniacs actually featured catchy and memorable musical numbers on a regular basis.

    7. Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que

    Year released: 1997

    Choice track: The grunge-errfic opening track, "Smells Like Cartoon Planet."

    Probably the only soundtrack on this list that both parents and kids could enjoy together.

    8. Saved By The Bell: Soundtrack To The Original Hit TV Series

    Year released: 1997

    Choice track: It’s doesn’t get better than the iconic Saved by the Bell theme song.

    The album features music from the entire series, which is good for all the Zack Attack fans out there.

    9. Dexter's Laboratory: The Musical Time Machine

    Year released: 1998

    Choice track: "Lab-Retto"

    Unfortunately, it's a short album -- containing just six songs taken from the series -- but they're all winners.

    10. All That: The Album

    Year released: 1996

    Choice track: The “All That Theme Song” performed TLC, of course.

    The soundtrack is a mixture of the show’s sketches and popular music of the time – like Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage.”

    11. Clarissa & The Straightjackets: This is What "Na Na" Means

    Year released: 1994

    Choice track: “Na Na”

    An album that tried really hard to take it’s self seriously. Check out a full review here. And no, they don't explain what "Na Na" means.

    12. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

    Year released: 1992

    Choice track: "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" by Rockapella!!!

    Aside from tracks by Rockapella, the album also features a guest track from salsa legend Tito Puente.

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