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12 Ridiculous DOs And DONT's Dating Tips From "How To Succeed With Brunettes"

In 1967, the government produced a film that would teach naval officers how to behave around women. My question is why did they even make this film in the first place?

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WARNING: Advice may not work on blondes.

1. Do:

Be on time. A good-looking girl isn’t going to wait around too long for anybody, remember there are too many young men on the prowl.

2. Do:

Always hold her coat at the right height (that’s being thoughtful).

3. Do:

Be careful with her hair when putting on her coat. Seriously though, don't mess with the hair.

4. Don't:

Just grab her by the arm and steer her toward your car.

5. Do:

Open doors. Remember opening doors offers an excellent opportunity to show your respect for the ladies.

6. Do:

Always help a lady take off of her coat (she expects it).

7. Do:

It's always ladies first, remember it’s to make things easier for them (because their dainty).

8. Do:

Always allow her to decide where to sit (this will make her feel important).

9. Don't:

Chew with your mouth open.

10. Don't:

Shake a lady's hand unless she offers. If so, then be gentle, shake it briefly, firm, but not crushing (remember they are dainty).

11. Don't:

Show affection in public, only slutty girls like being hugged in public.

12. Do:

Always show respect for your date and her reputation. Remember nobody likes a slutty girl.

How To Succeed With Brunettes:

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What a '60s redhead thinks of all of this:

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