12 Retro Christmas Ads To Remind You That A Woman’s Place Is In The Home

According to these sexist ads from the ’50s and ’60s, all women wanted were vacuums.

1. Nothing says Christmas more than Pyrex!

2. Do they live in a dirty house?

3. I really doubt that.

4. Remember ladies, your husbands are dumb, they might even try to get you an unpractical gift — like jewelry.

5. I guess Minnie and Daisy can make snacks in the kitchen while Mickey and Donald watch TV.

7. Can’t she just get the elves to do the housework?

8. Odds are very unlikely that she will.

9. I guess a tan is the only way to keep your husband?

10. I’m also sure she has to serve it to him as well.

11. Again, I think she’d be happier with almost anything else….

12. …except for this. Nobody wants a scale. Nobody.


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