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    12 NBC "Must See TV" Shows From The '90s You Might Not Remember

    The shows that even the combined forces of Friends and Seinfeld couldn’t save or make memorable.

    1. Caroline in the City (1995–1999)

    Number of seasons: 4

    Plot: Lea Thompson starred as New York City-based cartoonist Caroline Duffy, the creator of a Cathy-style comic strip titled Caroline in the City (just like the series!).

    Fun fact: The show also had the distinction of having a small crossover with Friends. During its second season, Caroline appeared in the episode "The One with the Baby on the Bus."

    2. Madman of the People (1994–1995)

    Number of seasons 1

    Plot: Dabney Coleman starred as Jack "Madman" Buckner, an op-ed writer for the magazine Your Time, who has to deal with his daughter, Meg (Cynthia Gibb), becoming his new boss.

    Fun fact: The show was removed from its original time slot (airing directly after Seinfeld) to make room for the much more successful Friends (then in its first season), which NBC accurately predicted would do even better in the time slot.

    3. The Single Guy (1995–1997)

    Number of seasons: 2

    Plot: The show, a mix between Seinfeld and Friends, starred Jonathan Silverman as Jonathan Eliot, a struggling New York City writer who is unlucky in love.

    Fun fact: Ross Geller (played by David Schwimmer), did a crossover cameo on the show.

    4. Jesse (1998–2000)

    Number of seasons: 2

    Plot: Christina Applegate starred as Jesse Warner, a single mother who finds love again with her new boyfriend/co-worker Diego (Bruno Campos), only to then have her ex-husband try to win her back.

    Fun fact: "During a taping of one episode, Christina was surprisingly reunited on-set with one of her Married with Children co-stars. As part of her script in this episode, she rings the doorbell. But to her surprise, Ed O'Neill answered the door and said, 'Where have you been, young lady?' Applegate responded with a dropped jaw, tears of joy, and a big hug."

    Source: IMDb

    5. Boston Common (1996–1997)

    Number of seasons: 2

    Plot: Anthony Clark played Boyd Pritchett, a country boy from Virginia who moves to Boston to spy on his sister who just started college there.

    Fun fact: Zach Galifianakis made his television debut on the series.

    6. Union Square (1997–1998)

    Number of seasons: 1

    Plot: Basically a multicultural Friends — except way less funny.

    Fun fact: The original pilot of the series was centered around one character, but it was retooled into an ensemble piece (like Friends).

    7. Hope and Gloria (1995–1996)

    Number of seasons: 2

    Plot: Hope Richardson (Cynthia Stevenson) and Gloria Utz (Jessica Lundy) are the cliché mismatched friends Hope and Gloria.

    Fun fact: This show was called Kate & Allie in the '80s.

    8. Veronica's Closet (1997–2000)

    Number of seasons: 3

    Plot: Kirstie Alley as Veronica "Ronnie" Chase, the owner of a Victoria's Secret-style lingerie company called Veronica's Closet.

    Fun fact: An 18-year-old Zooey Deschanel made her TV debut on the show.

    9. Suddenly Susan (1996–2000)

    Number of seasons: 3

    Plot: Brooke Shields played Susan Keane, a San Francisco magazine writer who has to adjust to being newly single.

    Fun fact: The series was developed for Brooke after her memorable guest starring role on the Friends, in the episode "The One After the Superbowl: Part 1."

    10. The Naked Truth (1996–1998)

    Number of seasons: 3

    Plot: Téa Leoni played Nora Wilde, a rich divorcée who gets a job as a photographer at tabloid magazine.

    Fun fact: The show originally aired on ABC and was canceled after its first season. It was then picked up by NBC.

    11. Fired Up (1997–1998)

    Number of seasons: 3

    Plot: After getting fired from her high-powered job, Gwen (Sharon Lawrence) teams up with her mouthy longtime assistant Terry (Leah Remini) to start a new business. I assume hilarity ensued.

    Fun fact: The series was executive produced by Kelsey Grammer.

    12. Stark Raving Mad (1999–2000)

    Number of seasons: 1

    Plot: Tony Shalhoub starred as carefree horror novelist Ian Stark, while Neil Patrick Harris played his germophobe OCD editor Henry McNeeley.

    Fun fact: "In this show, Tony Shalhoub plays a carefree type personality whereas Neil Patrick Harris plays a germaphobe. After the show was canceled, they both have successful careers playing the opposite roles. Tony as the germaphobe in Monk and Neil as the carefree Barney in How I Met Your Mother."

    Source: IMDb