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12 Coolest Action Figure Playsets Of The '80s

You knew your parents loved you if you owned one of these.

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12. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Fortess of Fang


Year released: 1983

Why it was cool: The Fortress of Fangs was the only playset made for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons toyline. Inside were cool features like a sliding tunnel, moving spike wall, a treasure chest, secret trap door and a hidden catapult floorboard.

11. G.I. Joe - Headquarters Command Center


Year released: 1983

Why it was cool: Well aside from it’s badass intimidating military look, the playset had a cool design concept. It was designed to incorporate additional vehicles (the MOBAT & VAMP jeep) to be placed inside (on either end), as a part of the defense.


9. The Return of the Jedi - Ewok Village Action Playset


Year released: 1983

Why it was cool: Well it was seemingly simple looking, the Ewok Village was actually a well designed playset. Large in size, it included an elevator, a net trap, a swinging boulder and a rotisserie/fire pit to place Han Solo in.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Sewer Playset

Year released: 1989

Why it was cool: This playset came out right at the height of TMNT mania and it did a great job at capturing the spirit of the cartoon. It included some great details like a periscope, an elevator and a sewer grate in which to dump “ooze” into.

7. He-Man & the Masters of the Universe - Snake Mountain

Year released: 1984

Why it was cool: Snake Mountain came with some pretty cool features, like a collapsible bridge and a trap-door underneath the gate. But, its most notable feature was an echo microphone stored inside the playset that allowed you to speak in a frightening voice.

6. G.I. Joe - Cobra Terror Drome


Year released: 1986

Why it was cool: Cobra Terror Drome was a multi-level battle station that featured a prison cell, tower-mounted cannons, side compartments and the much coveted Firebat fighter jet, that launched from a silo in the middle of the playset.


5. ThunderCats Cats' Lair

Year released: 1986

Why it was cool: The Cats’ Lair was the largest playset in the ThunderCats toyline. It was loaded with features but the coolest was the cat’s head that swiveled and fired the “super laser beam”.

4. He-Man & the Masters of the Universe - Castle Grayskull


Year released: 1982

Why it was cool: The most iconic of all the MOTU playsets (and the '80s in general), Castle Greyskull was a badass terrifying looking playset and this was much of its appeal. It also had features like an elevator, a trap door and a drawbridge.

3. The Real Ghostbusters - Fire House Headquarters

Year released: 1987

Why it was cool: The Firehouse Headquarters was a great playset because it actually looked like the firehouse from the movie and cartoon. Inside was a fire pole, a spot to park the Ecto-1 and a slime grate on the roof.

2. He-Man & the Masters of the Universe - Eternia


Year released: 1986

Why it was cool: Produced at tale end of He-Man’s popularity, Eternia was the largest MOTU playset ever to be produced by Mattel. It also had an expensive retail price of $89.99, to match. These factors combined led to the playset being incredibly rare.

Its coolest feature was a monorail that run on a track around the entire playset.

1. G.I. Joe - The Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Flagg


Year released: 1985

Why it was cool: This thing was huge! Measuring in at just less than 7'6" this was the largest G.I. Joe playset (and largest boy's playset at the time). It also had the most expensive retail price of any toy at the time, retailing for $109.99.

Features of the playset included missile launchers, towing vehicle, a fuel Trailer, an "Admiral's Launch" lifeboat, and an elevator.


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