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    Posted on Jul 4, 2013

    12 Celebrities That You Might Not Know Wrote Novels

    Some very surprising celebrities have moonlighted as novelists.

    1. Isla Fisher, Seduced by Fame (1995)

    The debut novel by 19-year-old Isla Fisher, who was at the time, starring on the Australian soap, Home and Away.

    Fisher actually wrote a second novel, Bewitched, the following year.

    2. Naomi Campbell, Swan (1996)

    Naomi Campbell’s debut novel is a deep and compelling literary masterpiece about the struggles of being the world's most successful supermodel.

    3. Steve Martin, Shopgirl (2000)


    Steve Martin’s well received first novel, spent 15 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

    The book was adapted into the 2005 movie of same name.

    4. Hugh Laurie, The Gun Seller (1996)

    The debut novel by Hugh Laurie. The story revolves around a former Scots Guards officer and his reluctant involvement in a conspiracy involving international arms dealers, terrorists, the CIA, and the MOD.

    It is rumored that Laurie intends to write a sequel to the novel.

    5. Ethan Hawke, The Hottest State (1996)

    Ethan Hawke's debut novel reads as a possible semi-autobiographical story about a psycho girlfriend he once loved.

    6. Sylvester Stallone, Paradise Alley (1977)


    No surprise Sylvester Stallone tried his hand at writing a novel; after all he won an Oscar for writing Rocky.

    Stallone adapted the book into an unsuccessful 1978 film.

    7. Pamela Anderson, Star: A Novel (2004)

    Pamela Anderson's debut novel is the very "original" story of a small-town girl who heads to Hollywood to become famous.

    8. Marlon Brando, Fan-Tan (2006)

    This novel was actually adapted from a 25-year-old film treatment by Marlon Brando and his longtime collaborator, screenwriter and director Donald Cammell.

    This book was very loosely "co-written" by Brando and was actually published two years after his death.

    9. Macauley Culkin, Junior (2007)


    A roman à clef novel about a child star — with major father issues — that abandons show business at the height of his career.

    10. Johnny Cash, Man In White (1986)


    Johnny Cash's only novel was biblical fan fiction about the Apostle Paul.

    11. Bob Dylan, Tarantula (1971)

    Bob Dylan's experimental debut (and only) novel, was critically panned. He later implied that his former manager had forced him to write the book, saying, "Things were running wild at that point. It never was my intention to write a book."

    12. Britney Spears, A Mother's Gift (2001)

    Britney Spears’ debut novel (co-written with her mother) is a cliché rags-to-riches story about a girl who dreams of pursuing a singing career.

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