11 (Unintentionally) Scary Vintage Dolls That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

These dolls from the ’60s and ’70s are the stuff nightmares are made of.

1. PeachY & Her Puppets

See those puppets, those hold the souls of the children who owned her before.

Now look at that face, you know the doll is thinking, “Soon, soon you will be one of my puppets!”

2. Tiny Thumbelina

The doll with the eyes that will pierce through you and down into your soul.

3. Making Faces Saucy Doll


Saucy, the doll that allows you to mold its face into horrifying poses.

4. Hippie Protest Doll

While I applauded the dolls gender neutrality, it’s lack of pants and creepy face is making me feel uncomfortable.

5. Li’l Winking Herby Hippy

It’s all groovy till that doll starts winking by itself in the dead of night as it watches you sleep.

6. Blythe

That Blythe doll has the look of revenge in her eyes.

7. Brat Doll


I think these creepy dolls had to have been the inspiration for The Hills Have Eyes.

8. Ugly Rubber Dolls

That doll on the left is totally the ringleader of this gang of evil demented dolls.

9. Baby Laugh-a-Lot

Li’l Winking Herby Hippy may watch you while you sleep, but Baby Laugh-a-lot will kill you! And she’ll laugh while doing it.

10. Nasty Ugly Troll Doll

WTF?! This doll is straight from Guillermo del Toro’s nightmares.

11. Little Miss No Name


This doll definitely has a dark past that she is not telling us about. Was she raised in a cellar? Did she live an abandoned insane asylum? Or is this all a ruse to get someone to take her home so that she can murder them?

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