11 Times Disney Park Photos Failed So Hard They Won

You won’t be able to magically unsee these.

1. The time that Chip was interested in something other than nuts:

2. The time Chip and Dale were clearly more interested in Clarice than signing autographs for kids:

3. The time when this kid got a handful of Mickey’s pocket mouse:

4. The time this little girl really expressed just how much she didn’t want to take a picture with Mickey:

5. The time this little girl wanted to find out whether Pluto was neutered or not:

6. The time Mickey looked like he was HIGH AS FUCK.

7. The time when Woody found a whole new type friend in Buzz:

8. The time this happened to Minnie :(

9. The time someone took this photo from the worst possible angle :(


10. The time Meeko looked curious to find out just what was around Pocahontas’ riverbend:

11. The time someone at Disney thought this was a wise sweater design:

And Mickey got into more than he bargained for!

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