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    Posted on Jul 26, 2014

    11 Times Disney Park Photos Failed So Hard They Won

    You won't be able to magically unsee these.

    1. The time that Chip was interested in something other than nuts:

    2. The time Chip and Dale were clearly more interested in Clarice than signing autographs for kids:


    3. The time when this kid got a handful of Mickey's pocket mouse:


    4. The time this little girl really expressed just how much she didn't want to take a picture with Mickey:

    5. The time this little girl wanted to find out whether Pluto was neutered or not:

    6. The time Mickey looked like he was HIGH AS FUCK.

    7. The time when Woody found a whole new type friend in Buzz:

    8. The time this happened to Minnie :(

    9. The time someone took this photo from the worst possible angle :(



    10. The time Meeko looked curious to find out just what was around Pocahontas' riverbend:

    11. The time someone at Disney thought this was a wise sweater design:

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