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11 Riveting Teen People Covers That Immortalized 2004

A look back to 10 years ago when we all still cared about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's marriage, and Josh Hartnett's career.

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1. December 2003/January 2004: Clay Aiken opened up about "girls" and "going all the way."


Plus, gross, we found out what John Mayer's make-out music is. I bet he put "Your Body Is A Wonderland" on that playlist.

2. February: We finally found out what REALLY turned Orlando Bloom on! My guess: Making money from staring in blockbuster franchises.

5. May: Usher opened up about his heartache (aka his break-up with Chilli from TLC).


Whom he, for the record, never cheated on.

Also, we wondered how Friends would end!!! Spoiler alert: Rachel got off the plane.

6. June/July: The Olsen twins promoted their final cinematic masterpiece, New York Minute.


Plus, Usher, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, and Josh Hartnett were the hottest stars under 25!

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