11 Questions For Whoever Made Teen People's Covers In 2001

    It was a fug year for pop stars.

    1. Is A.J. McLean's ramen noodle haircut, a boy band essential?

    2. What prize did Britney Spears win?

    3. Why didn’t Tina Knowles do a better job of coordinating their outfits?

    4. Did the winner of the call convince Carson Daly to end his engagement to Tara Reid?

    5. Why is JC Chasez rocking Midwestern soccer mom hair?

    6. Did Freddie Prinz Jr. ever have another successful movie after She's All That?

    7. Was Kevin Richardson really one of the hottest guys in music? He wasn't even the hottest guy in Backstreet.

    8. How was Justin Timberlake not voted worst dressed?

    9. Why is Teen People promoting tattoos?

    10. Were NSYNC really ever bad boys?

    11. Whatever happened to Ja Rule?