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11 Funny and Weird '90s-Themed Valentine's Day Cards

Have no fear, Someecards has the perfect Valentine's Day card for that weird '90s kid in your life.


2. But only if you're into the same kinky AOL Chat rooms as me:

3. But can you introduce me to Justin Timberlake?

4. I'm sure someone out there has slap bracelet fetish.

5. Perfect for the ice queen in your life.

6. Is this a subtle way to infer that your Valentine is whore?

7. This should really say: "Your love is like annoying TV commercial, I can't get away from it."

8. Gross:

9. This card totally justifies your attraction to Captain Planet.

10. "If our love doesn't fit, you must call it quits."

11. Love really is like a stain on a Gap dress.

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