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    11 Absurd Things You Could Do In Chanel Clothing

    In the Chanel ad campaign for fall 1991, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington proved that there is nothing you can't do while wearing thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing. And yes, this fugly mess was brought to you by Karl Lagerfeld.

    1. Play patty-cake.

    2. Dress like an extra from Doctor Zhivago.


    Julie Christie, eat your heart out! (Not really.)

    3. Pretend to be a struggling street musician.

    4. Pickpocket your friend.


    Scandalous Christy, scandalous.

    5. Skip to grandmothers house.


    Linda, watch out for that wolf!

    6. Greet imaginary friends.

    7. Ride a Harley while wearing a gown.

    8. Sit around some random back alley while dressed like Paddington Bear...

    9. ...or just sit on a pile of rocks -- all while sporting your fancy (and very classy) Chanel daisy dukes.

    10. Play soccer in the middle of the street -- cause why not?

    11. Finally, dress like a fabulous Florida retiree on her way to an early bird dinner.


    This really is the LOOK.

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