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    Posted on Jun 4, 2013

    10 Weird Coincidences Between Abraham Lincoln And John F. Kennedy

    There are some amazingly strange similarities between the two iconic presidents.

    1. Both presidents were elected to the House of Representatives in '46:


    Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.

    John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

    2. The number 7:


    Lincoln and Kennedy’s name each contain seven letters in their name.

    3. Both presidents were elected to the presidency in '60 and inaugurated in ‘61:

    Lincoln won the election in 1860 and his inauguration was held on March 4, 1861.

    Kennedy won the election in 1960 and his inauguration was held on January 20, 1961.

    4. Both defeated an incumbent vice president for the presidency:

    Lincoln defeated Vice President John C. Breckenridge.

    Kennedy defeated Vice President Richard Nixon.

    5. Both their vice presidents and successors were Southern Democrats named Johnson.

    6. Both Johnsons' were born in '08:

    Andrew Johnson was born on December 29, 1808.

    Lyndon Johnson was born on August 27, 1908 (LBJ as a baby pictured below).

    7. Both men were shot in the back of the head and in the presence of their wives.

    8. Both presidents were shot on a Friday.


    9. The Ford connection:

    Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theatre.

    Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln, made by Ford.

    10. Both John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald were killed and never faced trials.

    Bonus: one rumor, debunked


    Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and Kennedy had secretary named Lincoln.

    While Kennedy did have a secretary with the last name Lincoln (Evelyn Lincoln pictured below). There are no records to show that Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy; Lincoln's secretaries were John Hay and John G. Nicolay.

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