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    Posted on Oct 17, 2013

    10 Vintage Photos Of Halloween At The White House

    Because Halloween is something both Republicans and Democrats can agree on. Right?

    1. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower sets a festive mood for a Halloween luncheon in the State Room (1956).

    2. First Lady Jackie Kennedy goes incognito in as a garbage bag ghost (?) costume (1962).

    Robert Knudsen/ JFK Library

    3. President Nixon's daughter, Tricia Nixon, holds a Halloween party for underprivileged children (1969).


    And no, that is not Spiro Agnew dressed as a vampire.

    4. The front of the White House decorated for Halloween with a giant jack-o'-lantern over the door (1973).

    5. First Lady Betty Ford getting into the spirit by decorating President Ford’s study (1974).

    6. President Carter and First lady Rosalynn Carter watch over a pumpkin carving -- as a giant pumpkin watches on in horror -- during daughter Amy’s 10th birthday party (1977).

    7. President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan standing next to a pumpkin with “stay the course” carved into it – I guess that pumpkin was against any changes to Reagan's economic policies (1982).

    8. President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush welcome 500 children to their to their 1989 Halloween lawn party.

    9. President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton dressed as James and Dolley Madison at their 1993 Halloween party held in the East Room.

    The Clinton Library

    10. The Clinton's at their 1995 Halloween party, both dressed as country singers.

    The Clinton Library

    And please, no Tammy Wynette jokes.

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