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10 Tiger Beat Covers: Then Vs. Now

OMG guys, One Direction might be our new Beatles!

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Then, 1965:

The Righteous Brothers - OMG are they breaking up?!

The personal loves of the Beach Boys.

And the important question: What do the Beatles think of the soap opera

Peyton Place?

Now, 2013:

The boy guide!

Did Ariana get braces?!

And say it ain't so, Demi Lovato is in a feud.


Then, 1965:

The Stones vs. The Byrds. Apparently you can’t love them equally.

Colleen Corby’s problem with being too beautiful (eye roll inducer).

And the important question: Why doesn’t Diana Ross have a boyfriend?

Now, 2013:



Then 1966:

Mick Jagger giving himself some satisfaction.

The heartthrob Bob Dylan’s high school days.

Batman vs. the Beatles? For some reason?

And the important question: Do you like the Rolling Stones?

Now 2013:

An OMG Photo of Harry. Is it of him kissing Louis?

Selena Gomez is done with the DRAMA!

Taylor Swift’s dating problem. I don’t think there is anyone at Tiger Beat qualified enough to analyze that issue.



Then 1965:

Awww…. Sonny and Cher in love.

The secret life of Elvis Presley!

And the important question: Are pretty boys out? I think they answered that themselves by putting Bob Dylan on the cover.

Now 2013:

Five reasons to fall back in love with Justin Bieber. But did you ever fall out love with him?!

STFU: Never-before-seen photos of 1D!

W/E: Taylor Swift’s private texts.


Then 1966:

Mick won’t leave the Stones!

Exclusive: An interview with Cher’s sister.

OMG: John Lennon got a new face!

Now 2013:

1D confess their juiciest and most intimate stories. I really hope that this is about Louis and Harry!

And NOOOO!!!! Taylor haters might be bringing T-Swift down ☹.


Then 1966:

Simon & Garfunkel are individuals!

George Harrison clarifies that all the Beatles are equal.

And the important question: How does James Brown catch fire?

Now 2012:

News flash: Josh Hutcherson is caught flirting.

Life lessons from Big Time Rush.

And the important question: What were the six words that changed Justin Bieber forever?


Then 1966:

OMG: 20 color photos of the dreamy Peter Noone!

The '60s had their own Drake, apparently.

And shots of Mick Jagger... Groupie orgy photos?

Now 2012:

101 sizzling secrets about One Direction that are all made up.

And T-Swift complains about being tall.


Then 1968:

Meet up-and-coming actress Goldie Hawn.

OMG: Sometimes Sajid Khan hates himself.

And the eternal heartthrob Tiny Tim!

Now 2012:

How to be Josh Hutcherson’s Katniss. I’m assuming you must murder the competition.

OMG: Selena Gomez only has two friends (and millions of dollars)!

And the important question: What does One Direction smell like?